If you think only metrosexuals, gay men, or triathletes would choose to be hairless, think again. Hairlessness among men is surging in popularity for all types of guys, from straight to ultra conservative to liberal! All procedures are performed by our licensed female specialists. If you’ve been shaving your body parts including Chest, Legs, Back and hands with Razors – you absolutely have to give Sugaing a shot. After a Men Sugaring Session with Sugaring NYC your hair will not grow for at least a month and eventually, it will become more and more thinner and more invisible. Men’s skin is proven to be more sensitive than women’s, so our specialists treat men with special care. We’ve been removing men hair for many years and know all the small things to make the entire process easy and painless.


Sugaring is far superior to shaving for several reasons. Sugaring removes hair from the root, so it can last for up to six weeks or more depending on how many times in a row you have been sugared and how often.

The exact opposite would be shaving. Consider the aggravation and frequency. Some people have to shave every day. But who will help you? Unless you are a professional athlete, you probably won’t be able to reach the middle of your back with just a razor, so people may start calling you Patchy the Clown. The angle to which you would have to move your arms might cause you to end up with nicks and cuts. Just visit our licensed estheticians and they will take care of you and your hair. We are looking forward to see you!

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